Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection Services – Protect Yourself from ID & Credit Fraud

Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information or uses your credit accounts without your permission. At risk information be Social Security Numbers, date of birth, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, login and password credentials, and name and address. Identity fraud occurs when this information is used to make fraudulent purchases or withdrawals, create new accounts (credit cards, bank, phone, utilities, and loans) or change existing accounts.

Identity theft is a growing problem – and smart consumers know they can’t rely completely on an identity theft service to “take care” of the issue. Consumers must act themselves, including shredding documents that bear personal information before disposal, being careful online and only using secured sites, and never giving out personal information unless absolutely necessary. But that’s just not enough. You should also sign up for a service that will monitor the Internet for the unauthorized use of your personal information and does what you can’t – monitor the Internet 24/7. Credknowledgy® does this and will notify you immediately if any unauthorized activity is discovered.

You can take action to stop identity theft in its tracks with Cred knowledgy’s mobile Rapid Response, which sends alerts to your cell phone, and with just the push of a button, you can stop the thief!

Becoming a victim of identity theft requires an investment of time and money to correct your records. It can also destroy your credit. Identity theft has been the number one consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for eleven consecutive years.


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