Who’s looking at my credit


Creditors, Lenders, Financial Brokers and Agents


  • Usually upon your initial application for credit. Then, usually just immediately prior to funding any loan or credit.
  • At regular intervals during the term of your loan.
  • Many creditors, especially credit card companies, look at your credit reports monthly searching for recent bad credit history or to predict your financial stress, sudden default or other signs your account might be in trouble.
  • When looking to give you unsolicited credit offers. This is usually known as a soft inquiry, meaning it does not effect your credit score. This is some times done immediately after you have applied for credit, which is known as a trigger. With the exception of soft inquires and triggers, your permission for them to look at your credit is required.


  • To better understand your credit history.
  • To determine your credit risk.
  • To determine amount and terms of your loan/credit.
  • To monitor your on-going credit health.
Local, State and Federal Governments
Debt Collectors

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